Let Lighting tells a Story

Impeccable lighting arrangements have the power to narrate a captivating tale and elevate your living space to new heights. It is essential that the light fixtures not only align with the design aesthetic of your home but also harmonize with one another to create a cohesive atmosphere. While it is crucial to love the pieces […]

Illuminating Your Space: Enhancing Ambiance with Brilliant Lighting

Transforming your living space into a haven of warmth and serenity can be challenging, that’s why interior designers are prevalent in today’s society. Creating a captivating ambiance by implementing state-of-the-art downlights, coupled with a brilliant cove lighting effect requires one to be committed to the concept in order for it to be fulfilled. Prepare to […]

How smart lighting places a part in our daily lives

Smart technology plays an important role in our daily lives by providing convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. It is controlled through a smart switch, smartphone, motion sensor, or voice command. Smart technology can improve your quality of life and this is why you should consider using it. Convenience  With the ability to be controlled by […]

HAGA Profile – The Trendiest Innovative Cove Lighting

Cove lighting known as ambient lighting, is lighting that gives off an indirect soft illumination on the ceiling and wall. It gives the washing effect down to the room and elevates the room into a more comfortable space to stay. The HAGA profile is an unconventional cove lighting profile to create a cove ceiling effect […]

A Smarter Home: How and Why to Consider Smart Lighting

Smart technology has come to homes and is now mainly adopted by digital-savvy homeowners. It is practical, convenient, and energy-efficient. There are many ways to control it: smart switch, app, motion sensor, and voice command. However, have you ever wondered how smart technology improves your quality of life and why you should use it?  One […]

Lighting: A Statement Piece to a Fashionable Home 

Lighting is a medium attached to the ceiling that illuminates the space. Most will think about how the lighting may be adequate for a home with the most minimal and clean slate look. But with the trend today, designs, aesthetics, and comfort are what homeowners desire. They prefer to create and design the preferred styles […]

Pantone of Lighting – Coloring Lives with Lights

Lighting is one important aspect of creating mood in a space. It is usually part of the interior design, which includes light fixtures, laminates, and general design elements. Depending on your design intent and mood, it can be quite difficult to choose the right lighting fixtures. Thinking about how you envision the lighting in your […]

How Lighting Makes an Impact on Feng Shui of Homes 

In Chinese tradition, every feature in homes impacts the way of one’s living, it could be luck, family, love, and some other aspects. One welcoming factor in the home is lighting. There is a saying in one Chinese proverb, “Light is good from whatever lamp it shines”. Every placement and kind of lighting we use […]

4 Kinds Of Modern Lighting To Achieve a Better Home

When it comes to installing lighting fixtures inside your home, don’t use the same kind of lighting throughout the entire area. Different parts of your home need different styles of illumination, so here’s what you need to know about lighting up specific spaces in your home. Cove Lighting If you love gentler hues lights and spacious effect rooms, cove lighting will […]

Trendy Lighting with the Chandelle Conical Track Light

Functional and trendy, track lights are a popular choice for instant stylish lighting. Up your style game with the new conical shape for track lights! Take a look at how you can style your HDB apartment effortlessly with these avant garde pieces. Sink into some me time in style at this cosy reading corner that is further […]