Lighting Up in 10 Dover Street Rise Heritage View

Homeowners may find it challenging to get the right lighting fixture. A lighting plan and curation of lighting fixtures are crucial in transforming a dreary space into a beautifully lit home. Everything starts from planning the general lighting to the pendant lights to keep the space minimal and comfortable. Here, we light up a condo […]

Liven Up An Interior Space with Lighting

The first thing when you receive your key to your first house you may be thinking of getting an expert to design your home. They are mainly interior designers and main contractors. With the design planned, several home elements need attention, namely lighting. Light is an element that every space needs. There is general lighting, […]

Trendy Lighting with the Chandelle Conical Track Light

Functional and trendy, track lights are a popular choice for instant stylish lighting. Up your style game with the new conical shape for track lights! Take a look at how you can style your HDB apartment effortlessly with these avant garde pieces. Sink into some me time in style at this cosy reading corner that is further […]