HAGA™ Coveless Cove Lighting

Trademark-Certified and Patented Design from Singapore

Philosophy behind HAGA™

Premium, Elegant, Spaciousness, Timeless, Art and Light

Defining Quality Home Living Standards

Spacious living made possible without false ceiling

Spacious Home Living with HAGA™

The sleek, modern and minimalist design will upgrade every room in your Home

Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting

Minimal surface area makes it hard for dust and insects to be trapped*

Innovative Cove Lighting Made To Last

Powdered Coated

Paintable in any colours to fit your lovely space

Low Energy Use

1100 lumens at 10watts per meter, Asia's most efficient COB Dotless LED Strip

3 Years Warranty

Lifetime customer service support and more

Not Just a Cove Lighting

With HAGA Coveless Cove Light, quick and hassle-free installation process can transform your space into a work of art in just a day.

Check out reviews from trusted clients

The Travel Hunter
The Travel Hunter
I had a fantastic five-star service experience with Ms. Janet from Lune Brillante. She was very experienced, patient with my questions, and provided quick solutions for both sales and after-sales inquiries. The Haga Coveless lighting installation was very pleasing, and I highly recommend Haga Lightings to anyone who wants to enhance their living room lighting experience. I would like to highly commend Hong Xuan for his eyes for perfection, he managed to pin out various defects and able to rectify it on the spot. Kudos for the hard work.
Tasari Vijaya
Tasari Vijaya
Both of came they were friendly n solve the problem for me vry fast thanks to both.
Irwin Tan
Irwin Tan
Was looking for a lighting solution in my balcony and came across Haga, a cove light that works without the cove. Went to check out the showroom & was given a quick effective demo by Janet. Installation was easy and fuss free once the necessary wiring and switch was setup. Overall effect is very even and comfortable & can be programmed by tuya smart app. It can be a little costly but quality product overall. Two thumbs up! 👍👍
Eugene Low
Eugene Low
Visited Lune Brillante showroom for HAGA Light and was greeted by its friendly staff and mind blowing demo of HAGA Light. At first we are considering if we should go for HAGA Light or cheaper alternatives (online) but end up we opt for HAGA Light, no regrets! Although HAGA Light is pricier compared to the online alternatives, but is definitely worth it! So glad that we stick to HAGA Light as it brings our minimalist living room to the next level! We will like to thanks Catherine and Stanley for allowing us to experience the best of HAGA Light!
Awesome product and service! Recommended
Rui Xin Neo
Rui Xin Neo
Highly recommend Haga lights! For us, we needed a solution for low ceilings and not be committed to a fixed position for dining lights. Haga lights allow for flexibility with furniture arrangements and an overall flushed lighting throughout the house. There isn’t strong glare from how track lights can give and this solution I feel is better for our eyes. Thank you Stanley for his kind attention!
Chen Wen
Chen Wen
Haga Coveless Light exceeded my expectations! The design is magical and the quality of light is outstanding. After sales services are also quite good 💯
Manoj Jaiswal
Manoj Jaiswal
Wenbin from engineering and Stanley were great help. Quick to respond and helped to fix my issues. Now we have a haga well done at our residence.
Penelope Song
Penelope Song
Absolutely wonderful team! Thanx to their patience, advise, guidance and professionalism! Their lighting specialists (Stanley and WenBin) have make my new place into a homely haven - HAGA coveless lights for all d rooms; LED lightings to accentuate dining room n wardrode areas; and quality LED strips for closets etc. !

Making your home different with HAGA™

HAGA™ installation is quick and simple and can be completed in less than a day.


HAGA starts from $108 / per meter. Every home has different interior design intent. Please contact our sales (+65 9191 7560) to book an appointment for a consultation.

Every home has different interior design intent. We have client that does only for living room, bedroom or the entire home. Please contact our sales (+65 9191 7560) to book an appointment for a consultation.

It can be stored in cabinets, tv console, curtain pelmet, bedhead, false ceiling, etc. Contact our sales (+65 9191 7560) for picture, video references OR make an appointment to visit us to see in person. All will be clear. Its really easy, rest assure.

Yes, HAGA™ is invented for easy future maintenance. HAGA™ profile is made of die-cast aluminium that does not spoil. The LED strips can be changed out easily without removing HAGA™ from the wall.

Brightness is subjective. For a ceiling height of 2.6 – 2.9m, given L-shape or C-shape is done, the brightness is often exceeding user’s expectation. Contact sales (+65 91917560) to find out more OR make an appointment to see in person at our showroom.

You need to prepare the required electrical point at the start of HAGA and decide where you wish to store the drivers / receivers. Contact sales (+65 9191 7560) so we may provide clear guidance and support your HAGA installation process.

Yes we do have the accessories for internal and external joints / cornering. Please contact sales (+65 9191 7560) to find out more.

The HAGA™ profile is made of die-cast aluminium that does not spoil. It is paired with GALAXIAS LED COB Dotless strips that has been tested from LM80, 50000 hours (i.e effective brightness of 5 years for 12 hours operation per day). The high quality Meanwell driver is easily having >5 years performance capability. It is a product that is made to last, and with the lifetime after sales support*, we ensure this 1 time investment will not be expensive afterall. With the spaciousness HAGA can achieve for your home while substituting the cost of doing a false ceiling, it might not seem to expensive afterall.

It may not be entirely necessary. Each home interior design and aspirations is based on your personal preference. Given your required products and home expectation, you may confirm your HAGA™ and let the ID know that it needs to be incoporated within their plans. Afterall, this solution is for home owners who does not want fasle ceiling, while wishing to achieve a modern elegant minimalist and sleek cove lighting effect.

Have an idea of where you wish to run HAGA™ in your home. Set an appt, bring your floorplan & ID plans to our gallery for a personalised discussion on costing and work methods.

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