Lighting: A Statement Piece to a Fashionable Home 

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Lighting is a medium attached to the ceiling that illuminates the space. Most will think about how the lighting may be adequate for a home with the most minimal and clean slate look. But with the trend today, designs, aesthetics, and comfort are what homeowners desire. They prefer to create and design the preferred styles to achieve each expected standard of living. Here, not only does lighting create an ambiance, but also value adds as a high fashion statement piece, showing a sense of ownership to the homeowners. 

Aesthetic matters

Every home aesthetic and design affects the curation and designing of statement lighting. For example: 

Japandi style is known for the combination of wood texture and clean white

Luxury minimalist, where you can combine the tone of white or black with a bit of gold touch

Retro-style with the splash of vibrant colors that draws attention to the statement piece! 

Shapes and Material 

Every homeowner has different preferences when it comes to customization. The shapes and materials of the statement piece have to be thought through as they will affect the whole look of the space. It is best to have the inspiration to begin the curation process. Then the shapes will come next in which the materials will be curated based on the home design intent. The materials are diverse: glass, marble, crystals, you name it. 

Let’s create 

With the home design intent, shapes reference, and material curation, we start with raw sketches, choosing the right colors, and curating the best materials from the lists. This allows every homeowner to have a smooth creative journey to a personalized statement piece. The show-off piece, the lighting piece the owner is proud to own, is the welcoming feature of the grandeur home.

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